11th AETAP Conference

Helsinki, Finland


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23 April 2018 - Expert Day & Core Competencies


Expert Day with Paul Gill, PhD

Testing the Reliability, Validity and Equity of Terrorism Risk Assessment Tools

Current efforts to develop scientifically rigorous and operationally relevant research related to the risk assessment and threat management of the terrorist remains worryingly underdeveloped. With reference to recently successfully executed terrorist attack case studies, this workshop first walks through the theoretical and practical problems faced in terrorism risk and threat assessment. Despite all of the scientific problems with the study of radicalization indicators, an increasing number of risk assessment tools are being developed in the published literature. The workshop will chart the commonalities and differences and empirical underpinnings in the risk assessment indicators and protocols of the existing risk assessment tools popularly used. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the Terrorist Risk Assessment Protocol 18 (TRAP-18; Meloy et al., 2015), the Identifying Vulnerable People tool (IVP; Egan et al., 2016), the Extremism Risk Guidelines (ERG 22+; Lloyd & Dean, 2015), and the Violent Extremist Risk Assessment guide (VERA; Beardsley & Beech, 2016) and its later iteration (VERA-2).


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Core Competencies Workshop

  • Topics:
  • Definition of basics in threat assessment and management

  • Assessment of threats

  • Interview techniques

  • Case management




24 - 26 April 2018 -AETAP Conference

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The cost of the conference will be depending on the participant as described below. The lunch for all conference days and the formal dinner is included in the price.


  • 3 days (24th-26th April), including formal dinner
  • Members (AETAP, AATAP, ATAP, CATAP) 420, 00  €
  • Non-members 600, 00  €
  • Speaker fee 290,00 €
  • Speaker fee, if attending only during the presentation day 0,00 €
  • Student Price (without formal dinner) 250,00 €
  • Formal dinner for add. guests  100, 00  €
  • Expert Day or Core Competencies (23th April)
  • members and non-members  220, 00  €


If you wish to attend at the 11th annual AETAP Conference 2018 please fill out the registration form (link below):


 AETAP 2018 Helsinki / Registration form


Registrations will be accepted in the order of receipt and confirmed by email within one working week.




AETAP Terms and Conditions 2018

The registration for the conference can only be done electronically (registration through AETAP homepage). Registrations will be accepted in the order of receipt and confirmed by email within one working week.



The registration is binding. Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the conference is free of charge, up to 4 weeks before at 50% cancellation charges. Any cancellation later the payments will not be returned. However, it is possible at stage to name a substitute. Cancellations and changes are to be communicated by e-mail. Any refunds will be made after the event.



The participant is responsible for travel costs. Changes to the program, the exchange of speakers and the cancellation of the conference due to insufficient demand or force majeure are expressly reserved. Claims due to futile expenses or other disadvantages due to the conference agreement are excluded - except in cases of intent and gross negligence. With the transfer of the participation fee, the Terms and Conditions become binding.


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