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The  HCR-20 (v3) was  officially  launched  in  April 2013 in  Edinburgh,  Scotland.  Be  among  the first to learn about Version 3 from one of the authors! The  HCR-20  is  a  set  of  guidelines  for comprehensive  violence  risk  assessment and  management  based  on  the  Structured Professional  Judgment  (SPJ)  model.  It  is used in correctional, forensic, and general or civil  psychiatric  settings  worldwide. 


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This conference will educate you regarding the nature of stalking and threatening behavior, provide you with practical methods for managing threatening situations and supply you with the most current research data.


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The conference will be held in German language only. 

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Call for papers for APATAP 2014 annual conference and keynote speakers + expert seminar announced!

Details here: http://www.apatap.org/annual-conference-2014


APATAP is pleased to announce a call for papers and posters for the fourth annual conference in Brisbane, Australia. We encourage a variety of presentations that focus on research in the field of threat assessment and/or practical applications...


Call for Papers and Posters (Submission deadline: 20 June)

Announcing the 2014 Whistler Conference Workshops!

October 19 & 20, 2014

Investigative Interviewing for Threat Assessment in the Workplace

Mr. Bram van der Meer


Foundational Spousal Assaultand Stalking Threat Assessment& Risk Management Skills

Dr. Laura Guy & Dr. Randy Kropp


October 19, 2014

Current Direction in Threat Assessment: A Research Update

Dr. Stephen Hart & Dr. Reid Meloy


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12th-14th May – Bergen, Norway

International launch and workshop for the new instrument "Assessment of Risk for Honour Based Violence" (PATRIARCH)

Presenters: Prof. Dr. Henrik Belfrage, Linda Ekman, Prof. Dr. Randall Kropp and more

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