Welcome to the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals

Association Of European Threat Assessment Professionals - AETAP

AETAP is an international non-profit organization committed to the promotion of research on threat assessment and management, the implementation of tools and structures in relation to the topic and teaching and training professionals in threat assessment and management. Threat assessment and management in AETAP is directed towards prevention of targeted violence and interpersonal violence.

Goals And Objectives

  • Organising international conferences on threat assessment for the dissemination of new research, intervention strategies and to provide continued education and networking opportunities.
  • Promotion of regional and local workshops on threat assessment.
  • Advocacy of structures and facilities based on threat assessment and threat management

Sister Organization

Threat management is an international field and we are in close contact with the other taps. In addition to certification, we work closely together and represent our work worldwide.

  • Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP)
  • Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (CATAP)
  • American Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)
  • African Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (AfATAP)

Board Members

Mr. Raoul Jaccard
HOD – Psychology at Police Cantonale
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
AETAP President

Mr. Bram van der Meer
Forensic & Investigative Psychologist,
The Netherlands
AETAP Vice President

Ms. Andrea Wechlin
Head of the correctional facility,
Past AETAP President & Finance

Ms. Karoline Roshdi
Forensic Psychologist,
Past AETAP Vice President & Finance

Mr. Totti Karpela
CEO, Police Sergeant (ret.),
AETAP International Relations

Ms. Lieke Bootsma
Investigative Psychologist National Police,
The Netherlands
AETAP Newsletter & Research

Ms. Beatrice Wypych
Legal & Forensic Psychologist,
AETAP Website & PR

Ms. Pippa Gregory
Behavioural Investigative Adviser,
National Crime Agency, United Kingdom
AETAP Newsletter & Research

Dr. Jens Hoffmann

AETAP Honorary Board Member