COVID Exit-Plan: How to Prepare Your Organisation for Post-Pandemic ThreatsPresenters: Melissa Muir (ATAP) and Totti Karpela (AETAP)

As we continue to navigate an uncertain future, organisations are asking themselves how to best prepare for possible threats in a post-pandemic world. Year 2020 has forced many people to situations that cause stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, some people don’t handle these situations well, which has led to increased numbers of conflicts, suicidal behaviour, substance abuse and crime.

Questions we’ll answer during the webinar:
What are the emerging behavioural trends organisations are facing due to Covid?
How can we proactively address these challenges?
What threat assessment approaches should you focus on post Covid?

We will look at situations from psychological, HR and security perspective.

Webinar details

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Time: 14:00 – 15:30 (CET)
Duration: 90 minutes
Platform: Zoom
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About the speaker

Melissa Muir [AUS]
Melissa Muir has been an HR professional in the U.S. courts for 25 years. Informed by threat assessment and management principles, Melissa is passionate about putting them into practice to improve the safety and health of our organizations.

Melissa is the Past President of the Northwest Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and serves on the national sponsorship and communication committees. She has championed a multidisciplinary approach and presented to every TAP organization on bridging the gap between threat management and human resources.

With the federal courts, Melissa developed a comprehensive video series focused on preventing workplace violence. She has developed and delivered communications training across more than 50 agencies of the federal government, from grammar to crisis communications. She has innovated courses on preventing workplace harassment and has facilitated courageous conversations in this area for more than two decades.

Melissa holds an MBA from the University of Washington, and a law degree with a focus on employment law and mediation from Seattle University School of Law.


Leeran Gold [AUS]
Leeran Gold is an Australian registered psychologist based in Singapore. She is the APAC Program Manager for the C.A.R.E. Program at Google. Leeran is the Vice President of the Asia-Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP). She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), and the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS).

Leeran’s expertise include medico-legal and forensic psychological assessment and report writing, mental health crisis management, and working with high-risk and high-needs clients. Leeran is able to provide expert opinion and testimony in legal proceedings in Singapore and Australia. She also delivers training and education workshops for both private and public sector entities on topics related to threat assessment and management. 

Leeran’s research interests are an extension of her clinical practice of risk assessment and management into the realm of countering violent extremism (CVE). She is focused on developing the field of risk and threat assessment of violent extremists for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Leeran Gold was the first Australian candidate to be invited as the International Visiting Researcher to the Home Team Academy Behavioural Sciences Centre in Singapore. She has a Master of Psychology (Forensic) degree from Bond University.

Leeran has presented papers at multiple conferences including the Interpol World Congress, the Asian Conference of Criminal and Operational Psychology, and the Asia-Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Annual Conferences. 


Totti Karpella [FI]
Mr Karpela, a graduate of the Finland’s Police University College, has a 20-year career in the National Police of Finland where he worked as a unit supervisor and subject matter expert. During his career, Mr. Karpela was part of a team that specialized in managing threats that were directed towards law enforcement and judicial officials. Mr. Karpela has undergone specialised training pertaining to the psychological assessment of offending behaviour and has experience in both the private and public sectors, particularly working with high-risk and high-harm offenders. For the majority of his career Mr. Karpela also worked at the National Police University, teaching management of aggressive behavior and conflict resolution skills.

Mr. Karpela has worked as a subject matter expert since 1986, consulting and coaching government organizations and corporations on five continents in the prevention of violent crime, security issues, conflict resolution and risk mitigation. Mr. Karpela holds a CTM-accreditation, a professional accreditation for security professionals related to the assessment and management of violent behavior. Mr. Karpela is also accredited to provide consultation and training related to the European equivalent, CETAP. He holds numerous professional certifications related to violence risk assessment.

Other relevant NGO responsibilities: Subject matter expert for European Council and O.S.C.E. in crime prevention projects. He is a board member of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP). He is also a senior research fellow at the Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals – Centre for Security Studies and a committee member for the Nordic Counter Terrorism Network.

Mr. Karpela has also authored three books on police operations with organized crime (1995), personal security (1998) and case management guide for stalking cases (2001). Mr. Karpela has co-authored a book on management and leadership related to prevention of problematic behavior in the workplace (2019). He has also authored a chapter on the use of social psychology in counter terrorism operations as well as management guide on persistent and vexatious complainants (2018).

Totti divides his time between two homes, one in Hong Kong and the other in Helsinki.