Why become a member?

As an association AETAP is directed at professionals who work in the field prevention of interpersonal targeted violence through means of threat assessment. Members are professionals who are qualified in threat assessment, or who conduct research on this topic, or are responsible for structures / facilities based on threat assessment.

The membership fee currently includes:

  • Free access to the “Journal of Threat Assessment and Management” (JTAM)
  • Reduced fees for conferences of all International Threat Assessment Associations (AETAP, ATAP, CATAP, APATAP and AfTAP) and all global TAP conferences

AETAP discount

10% discount for AETAP members to many threat assessment seminars in Europe!

How to become a member

Professionals applying for a membership have to submit their application form online:

  • Membership application
  • The application must include a recommendation by one current member of a TAP
  • Provide a CV (curriculum vitae) with professional background, affiliation and professional career
  • Provide a list of publications (if possible)

Online application 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (info’at’



Membership Fees

Professionals applying for membership pay an entrance fee of 150 (one hundred and fifty) Euros.

Entrance Fee 150,00 €

The annual membership fee for existing members is proposed by the Governing Board and is currently 125 (one hundred twenty-five) Euros.

Annual Membership Fee 125,00€

Honorary Members do not have to pay the membership fee. The membership fee is due by January 1st of the year following the application.

If any assistance is needed, please contact us at info(at)