Multi-level Guidelines (MLG) Training, May 2013, Canada


May, 27-­‐29th, 2013, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Canadian Police College

Group-based  violence  is  actual,  attempted,  or  threatened  physical  injury  that  is  deliberate  and nonconsensual, perpetrated by an individual whose decisions and  behavior  are substantially influenced by a group to which they currently belong or with which they are affiliated or identify. This includes cases involving gangs, organized crime terrorism, and even some honor crimes.


What is the MLG?

The MLG is a set of structure professional judgement (SPJ) guidelines designed to assist in the assessment and management of group-based violence. The guidelines are evidence- and consensus-based, and build on previous SPJ guidelines. Development of the MLG was funded in part by an award from the Social Science Research and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to A. N. Cook. This training was funded in party by a grant from the Strategic Policy Branch, Public Safety Canada.


Who can use the MLG?

The guidelines are intended for use by criminal justice, security, and mental health professionals working in a variety  of  contexts  where  there  is risk  or  contact  with  those  involved  with  group-based  violence.  Ideally, evaluations will have some experience in group-based violence and in the use of SPJ guidelines.   


What kind of cases can I potentially use the MLG with?

The MLG may be used with people who have a known or suspected history of group-based violence, or who are believed on  other grounds to be a possible risk for  group-based violence. The MLG  guidelines can be used in the evaluation of adolescents and adults, aged 14 or older, both male and female.


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