Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management, June 2013, Washington DC

This two day workshop will provide the most up to date information on threat assessment and threat management. Taught by Dr. Reid Meloy, a leading expert in the field, this program will showcase the threat assessment process, look at the warning behaviors seen prior to targeted violence, summarize what we know about mass murderers, examine ideologically driven (terrorist) acts, the stalking of public figures and prior sexual intimates, look at new research on threats, describe the WAVR-21 (Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk) and its contribution to workplace and campus threats, consider the “dark triad” of targeted violence, present a factual look at mental illness and violence risk, and describe contemporary risk management strategies. All allied professions to the threat assessment process are invited to attend.


Workshop Content:

  • Threat Assessment vs. Violence Risk Assessment
  • Warning Behaviors Within Threat Assessment
  • Domains of Targeted Violence:
    • Adolescent and Adult Mass Murder
    • Ideologically Driven (Terrorist) Acts
    • Stalking of Public Figures
    • Stalking of Prior Sexual Intimates
    • New Research on Threats
  • The WAVR-21 Approach to Workplace and Campus Threats
  • The Dark Triad in Targeted Violence (Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism)
  • The Nature of Psychosis and Targeted Violence
  • Risk Management Strategies: The Public and Private Partnership

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