Paul Mullen – Expert Day

Expert Workshop with Dr. Paul Mullen (26th April)Outline of Presentation on Complainers, Chronic Complainers, and Querulants

Querulants consume enormous amounts of the resources of complaint resolution services, the courts, the police, and all large public and private organisations. They are responsible for threats and violence which cause considerable public as well as personal danger and distress. They are the next frontier in risk assessment and management.

Workshop Contents

  • Types of complaining and nature of querulant complainers
  • Case Examples
  • Types of Querulant
  • Different Perspectives /As behaviour/ As cultural and social constructions and roles
    • Psychology/ Psychopathology/ Existential analysis/ As a passion
  • Threats and Violence Assessment
    • Letters & Communications/ Actions /Threats & Violence/ Suicide
  • Management
    • As behaviour/ As a disorder of passion/ As a psychosis/ As a social problem/ As a risk to individuals & organisations
  • Keeping Yourself Safe When Seeing a Querulant
  • Case Examples for Discussion