Presentation at the AETAP Conference 2014

Presentations held at the AETAP Conference 2014

We hope you enjoy your stay in Stockholm and looking forward to meeting you again in Lucerne 2015.

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Threat Assessment for Major Sports Events

Speaker: Simon Murphy



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Setting up an Interdisciplinary Regional Threat Management Process

Speaker: Dr. Jens Hoffmann, Karoline Roshdi & Manuela Müller



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Improving Threat Management: Formulation & Case Conzeptualisation of Violence Risk

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Hart



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Threat Assessment as part of Investigative Psychological Advice

Speaker: Dr. Gerard Labuschagne



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Refining the Assessment of Explicit Threats

Speaker: Dr. Lisa Warren



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Violence Triage – Screening for Obvious Signs of Violence Risk

Speaker: Dr. Kelly Watt



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Workplace Violence within a Police Organization

Speaker: Steve Burton & Bram Van Der Meer




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Insider Threat Security Profiling

Speaker: Berndt Rif




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The approach of a Regional Police Threat Assessment Unit

Speaker: Ellen Harbers




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Characteristics of U.S. Government Attackers: Strategies for Mitigating the Threat

Speaker: Dr. Catherine Camilletti




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