Presentations AETAP Conference 2017

AETAP Conference 2017


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25th April

Dr Paul Gill
Sequencing lone actor terrorist behaviors  Link to Prezi

Dr Randy Kropp
Intimate partner violence
outside the home: Threat
assessment and management in the workplace and on campus.
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Dr. Ryan Burnette Biosecurity for the Consummate Security
Professional: The Rise of
Insider Threats in Traditional and Community Laboratories
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Dr Reid Meloy
Public figure attacks in the US between 1995-2015 pdficon large Presentation

26th April – Academia

Nils Böckler
Blurring the Boundaries: The Role of Social Media in the Genesis and Early Detection of Targeted Violence – A Case Study pdficon large Presentation

Rhonda Saunders The crime of stalking, then and now pdficon large Presentation

Dr. Gerard Labuschagne & Dr. Russ Palarea
Product tampering and
extortion threats: A case
example involving a major South African retailer
no slides available, for further information please contact the speakers

Dr. Annabel Chan & Luke Bartlett Posting a Threat: Threat
Management in the Cyber World
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Dr. Cynthia Baxter & Mr. Veldhoen Understanding Personality Disorders in Threat Assessment Please contact Dr. Cynthia Baxter for the presentation

Rory Steyn
Security and protection issues related to his work for president Nelson Mandela         Book from Rory Steyn

26th April – Corporate

Chris Smith Exploring Organisational
Resilience and the Malicious
no slides available

Mark Miskelley Implementing Threat
Management into the
Corporate World
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Chuck Tobin Analyzing Approach Behavior Research and the Protection of Prominent Persons pdficon large Presentation

Det. Jason Forgash &
Dr. Shannon Wasley
Multi-Disciplinary Lessons from a Private Institution Stalking Case no slides available

Niall Burns Commercial Close Protection – The Realities pdficon large Presentation

27th April

Dr. Gene Deisinger 10th anniversary of Virginia
Tech shooting and impact on Threat Management as well as lessons from that case
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Dr. Stephen White The Isla Vista Mass Murder Link to article

Dr. Catherine Camilletti Targeting Nationally Prominent Attractions and Events no slides available

Dr. Stephen Hart Cultural issues in threat
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